If I’m being completely honest, I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do, career-wise, after completing my film degree. There’s many, many paths I could take, however, which one is the right one? If you had asked me nearly two years ago, I would’ve easily said that I want to be a Director, and even had an interest in acting. While those are certainly still true, within the last year or so, I’ve become increasingly interesting in writing; an interest I’ve held for many years, but I’ve only had mild execution and the interest come to the forefront recently. Screenwriter or novelist are the obvious choices; however, writing for television is still something I know relatively little about. For this reason, I found a recent episode of the Scriptnotes podcast drawing my attention. In it, John August is joined by television writer Damon Lindelof, in which they discuss getting the first tv writing job, writing rooms, and how to move up the system. Something they touch on, which I was unaware of until very recently was that, generally speaking, television writers start out at writer’s assistants. They aren’t there to write, but have many key, yet hard to decipher, chances to show their writing abilities, and then potentially be promoted. Another recurring theme was that these writers were “go-getters”; wherein they pushed forward, and went the extra mile, making their chance happen, rather than potentially waiting for the chance to happen upon them. This has given me something extra to consider if I were to choose the tv writing career path.