To someone, specifically me, who grew up on Power Rangers throughout a good portion of his childhood (and maybe even, to an extent, currently, but we’ll skip that…), when they announced a few years ago that they were making a brand new Power Rangers movie based on the original series I had two initial reactions. The first was pure excitement, because holy shit the series was by far my favorite as a kid and a more serious reboot for a [slightly] more mature me seemed perfect. The second reaction was, well, skepticism. How could they possibly even make such a wonderfully cheesy kids show more serious while still retaining some of the same appeal. Since then, the release of the film has come and went and my verdict? While it doesn’t replace the franchise in my heart, it was a hell of a lot of fun; I even got goosebumps once or twice during my viewing experience. Taking this positive experience with me, I was pretty surprised to read a recent Indiewire article about distaste of the film from two of the original Rangers. David Yost and Walter Jones (the blue and black rangers, respectively) took issues with some of the creative liberties of the reboot, as well as, some of the intensity. Personally, I find this to be a bit ridiculous. The film is a reboot, therefore within the same structure and basic premise of the original show, liberties are allowed to be taken (and some very good ones at that). I find it very hard to accept the idea of the film leaving out one or two unrelated parts of the original series, in order to better fit the film itself, as a bad thing. So far, Jones and Yost are the only two former rangers to voice any negative opinions; Coincidentally, Jason David Frank, undoubtedly the most popular ranger with a cameo in the film, has been a huge proponent from the very announcement of the project.