When YouTube Red launched back in 2015, it garnered much press and praise (mostly for the ability to make your personal YouTube viewing experience ad-free and allow for the download of certain music and videos for offline use), but also disdain due to it’s $9.99 monthly paid-subscription requirement for, what some would consider, very little benefit. However, in an attempt to provide more, YouTube Red also has creative multiple original series with various content creators that already exist within its platform, hoping to bring the individual channels’ fans to the subscription service with excuse, high-budget shows. However, I recently read a Variety article that detailed something of a different flavor for the YouTube Red service; acquiring the rights to content that already exist, rather than creating an original series. The content in question is actually a documentary that I’ve talked about beforeKedi. Releasing next month to the platform, Kedi may be the first of its kind in the way of both pre-existing content to the service, as well as being a documentary about cats. Personally, I still don’t quite know how to feel about YouTube Red. I’m not entirely interested in the various original content series by various YouTube personalities (even the ones I would consider myself a fan of) for the $9.99 price tag, especially when for a similar (or lower in the case of Hulu) price there are other websites streaming a much wider variety of quality content, and the base YouTube platform has a lot of free, quality content in itself. Still, it would be nice to not hear Aaron Sorkin talk about his damn MasterClass every few minutes as I make my way through a YouTube playlist. Either way, it seems fitting that a platform notoriously known for its cat videos is receiving a cat-based documentary.