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In somewhat of a follow up to a blog post I made back in March, John and Craig from Scriptnotes take is upon themselves, in a mini episode of the show, to talk about what the strike authorization vote is, what voting yes or no means, and why exactly both of them are voting yes. In simple terms, by voting yes, you give approval for the WGA board to form a committee for negotiations and allow them to strike on your behalf if necessary; rather than voting if you’re striking or not. These negotiations recently weren’t going well, as both sides had troubles coming to an agreement on things such as WGA’s Health Plan. As mentioned before, the duo are both voting yes. John’s is simply a vote of confidence in the negotiators, and their abilities to do their job and reach an agreement. Craig’s reasoning is a bit complex, but ultimately boils down to him believing that voting yes is just a part of the negotiation “dance” or ritual, but would like to see that stop. Both writers are hopeful of the outcome, due to continued negotiations and those being fairly quiet at the moment. Hopefully the strike does not become necessary, however, there is a history of strikes frequently whenever the authorization vote has been given. The next few weeks will be interesting and have high tensions for anyone writing as a member of the WGA