In 2014, a film entitled Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) released to wonderfully high acclaim and four Academy Awards. Aside from its star-studded cast and refreshing premise, that wasn’t the only thing that caught the attention of audiences and critics. Birdman was filmed in such a way that it seems to be shot all in one take, with edits being very, very well hidden. I encountered a recent IndieWire article about a film that follows in these same footsteps, but takes them a bit further. Woody Harrelson’s new film Lost in London actually IS shot in one take. Not only did Harrelson shoot the entire film in a single two-hour long take, he also live-streamed it to 501 cinemas in his directorial debut. Lost in London is based on actual events of the actors life during a “wild night” in 2012 while in London. The film co-stars Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, making the film contain far too many W’s. I’m actually very intrigued  by this film, because half the fun of Birdman is watching the almost seamless take, trying to find the edits. Seeing how a film that actually has no edits, which has never been done before, should make for a fun experience. Especially considering it was streamed live to cinemas; something that I’m curious about whether it’ll continue after having Lost in London potentially opening the door for that sort of experience.