While browsing the website, IndieWire, recently, I came across an article discussing a genre that, as you may have picked up on by now, I hold near and dear; Science Fiction. However, it’s not discussing sci-fi as whole- oh no- it covers one man, Luc Besson, and his addition to the form: The Fifth Element. Now considered a sci-fi staple and cult-classic, The Fifth Element is nearing its 20-year anniversary, and as such, is receiving a two-day theatrical re-release and a 4k restoration. Along with the film, there will be a sneak preview for Besson’s newest science fiction endeavor, the expensive and ambitious space opera Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In reflecting on his experience making Fifth Element, he stated that he “felt constrained by the technology” that he was using when making it, going on to say that it was “the last film made the dinosaur way, where you had to put dots on the screen for six hours and lock your camera”. Adding that he believes Valerian to be his vengeance for The Fifth Element, comparing its 188 shots (with special effects) to Valerian’s 2,734 shots. Personally, I really enjoy The Fifth Element. It’s not the best sci-fi movie ever made, nor is it my favorite, but it is highly enjoyable (and who doesn’t love Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker?) and well worthy of a watch to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Though I was unaware that Besson was directing Valerian, I’ve been excited to see it since it’s first preview, sometime last year. Hopefully for Besson, and us viewers, Valerian is the vengeance and epic masterpiece he envisions it to be.