During the latest Scriptnotes Podcast, the pair, John and Craig, actually revisit an old episode (due to John losing his voice in leu of a cold). The reason, however, for the revisit to episode 99 is because it is one of the most recommended episodes on their listener’s guide. The episode features Dennis Palumbo, a screenwriter turned psychotherapist, whom which they discuss subjects like writer’s block and procrastination, to name a few. These reasons being why I became so excited for the episode when I read the description. Palumbo shares that he believes writer’s block  to be a good thing. He says that, when looking at some of the greatest writers, there were always period throughout their life where they seemed stuck or to be going backwards, then all of a sudden, they have a breakthrough of creative genius; he equates this to the developmental stages of childhood, and that working through the block can help you grow. He calls procrastination “A fear of shameful self exposure”, and if a writer waits until they feel like they’re ready to write, they may wait forever. This episode actually became a personal one, and I can see how it is a lot of listener’s favorite. Writer’s block, due to a sense of perfection and fear of failure, and just as predominately, procrastination are things I deal with for every single project, school-related or personal. Receiving friendly advice saying that this is all something that every writer deals with, and becomes something that by working through, can help and make you a better writer.