While browsing Variety recently, I came across an exclusive article that detailed something a little different in the film world and combines two of my favorite mediums. A film version of the video game We Happy Few has a film adaptation in the works by Gold Circle Entertainment, producers of Pitch Perfect. While video game movie adaptations are nothing new to Hollywood (though have been a questionable investment, as a large majority have not faired well), there’s something that sets We Happy Few apart from the rest; it hasn’t been released yet. We Happy Few is a game about an eerie dystopian alternative 1960s England where people, being regulated by the government, have started taking a hallucinogen called “joy”. During this time, an office worker decides to discontinue the use of the drug, and see the world for what it really is, and that’s where the player starts the game. Originally kickstarted back in 2015, the game has been in early access since mid-2016, while the developers work on the narrative elements of the game. We Happy Few has no solid release date yet, so the announcement of a film adaptation for a game that has no post-release fanbase is, honestly, very surprising to be. IF the film makes it beyond the development stage, especially if the game doesn’t do well (or, hell, even if it does), I’ll be very curious to see the results.