In a recent, more serious, Variety article, news has spread that the WGA (Writers Guild of America) has asked its 12,000 members for strike authorization. This request was in response to recent negotiations with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures & Television Producers), which, over the past two weeks, have been unproductive and so far only yielded two major rollbacks to the WGA’s health plan. AMPTP has demanded cuts to the health plan ($10 million in the first year) and any future shortfalls to the plan be made of automatic cut in benefits. Now, on to my opinion. The potential for me to be apart of the WGA one day does exist, as film and television writing is a field that I have become increasingly interesting in as of late, so this issue could even potentially affect me eventually. Who decided this plan would be a good idea? Paul Ryan? If the strike goes through it will be the last one in ten years (that one lasting 100 days). Regardless these conditions are quite unacceptable, and I hope that some sort of fair negotiation can be reached. Will the WGA actually strike? If they do, how long will it last and how will film and television world? Only the following weeks will tell.