There was a certain recent IndieWire article that caught my attention, so much in fact that I had to do a double take to make sure I correctly understood what I was reading. The Matrix (and yes, THE Matrix) is getting a reboot. As something very close to my heart, I clicked the link with lightning speed. As a fan of science-fiction, the trilogy is not something I grew up with, but rather binge watched all three in my early teens on a family  road trip (on a very small portable dvd player, no less). After 393 mind blowing minutes all I could think was Damn, that was good (and yes even the sequels). All of these years later, it has been announced that Warner Bros. is rebooting the series, but not necessarily with the same story (which, in the context of the Matrix story and universe is canonically possible, but that’s another discussion in itself). The IndieWire article is something of an open letter to W.B. advising them not to relaunch the franchise without the Wachowskis involvement, due to their unique and forward thinking filmmaking. The Wachowskis definitely have their own style and, despite the utter confusion that I found Jupiter Ascending to be, there’s no reason not to put them at the creative helm of this franchise once again. Who knows, maybe some Matrix fanboy can bring new light to the universe à la J.J. Abrams with the Star Wars franchise, or maybe it really is better left in the hands of the original creators.