In a recent IndieWire article detailing recent movie releases. On top of that list was a film that, frankly, I was surprised by. Comedic actor (and now director) Jordan Peele’s new film, Get Out is honestly something amazing from a performance standpoint. The film is a mix between racial commentary, comedic satire, and horror movie (a mixture that, to me, seems like something that would doom itself to cult status, rather than popular appeal, but yet has a certain appeal after last years white-washed Academy Awards) has, in its opening weekend alone (this weekend) it’s projected to potentially make $20 million and then some, of course that’s all speculation. However, it’s not completely impossible. As of this writing, the film has a one-hundred percent “fresh” rating on rotten tomatoes, aggregated from ninety-five reviews. While this rating is subject to change as more reviews come in, it’s still insanely impressive for a horror movie to receive such a high status. Future horror filmmakers take note, Get Out is obviously doing something right. I for one love a good social commentary. I’ve also become a fan of horror movies within the last few years. Mix all of that in with the comedic genius that is Peele, and this is one film I don’t want to miss out on.