While searching their backlog, I came across a Scriptnotes episode from back in December. Within their multitude of topics, one in particular caught my attention. They discussed (and got fairly heated on the topic) about a protest that took place at Reed College in Oregon. At the college, film director Kimberly Pierce was protested and verbally assaulted during her visit. The protestors were protesting her because of her 1999 film, Boys Don’t Cry about the rape and murder of a twenty-one year old transgender man. The anger from these protestors was primarily based on the fact that Peirce made money “off the plight of” transgendered people, and that it did not use trans actors. John and Craig discuss in their podcast how this is, essentially ridiculous.  While more representation is always great, I have agree that getting a trans actor who fits the part, and not just because they are trans, but because they also can portray the character is not always possible, especially in  1999. While their anger is arguably understandable, I feel it’s in the wrong place. They shouldn’t have gone after Peirce, a lesbian and gender-fluid director who, if anything, helped bring some sort of representation to the subject of transgender people and their struggle, by making three-dimensional characters. (Quick side-note. Almost every single story every told is about telling the struggles of other people, and often times, money is made off of that, it’s nothing new, so their argument about making money off the plight of trans people, is a bit pointless). Their anger should be directed at the society that breeds less inclusiveness. But what do I know?