As with most things these days, politics as a topic has the ability to enter conversation at almost any point. Even in a recent episode of Scriptnotes, Counselor to the United States President, Kellyanne Conway comes into the discussion. Their discussion, however, is not inherently politically based, but rather looks at what a screenwriter can learn from her multi-tasking way of speaking. They argue that she’s a good role model for writing characters who need to evade something. The main way she (and many others as Craig states) does this is by “spinning” or “side-stepping”, which is the act of evading the situation or accusation very quickly and then directly going on the counter-offensive. Another technique she uses is to listen for keywords and use those words in a different context to simulate answering a question, when she was in fact not answering any question. John and Craig also point out an article detailing all of the methods that Conway uses to be such an evasive, “spinning” figure. Despite my opinion(s) on the interesting “character” that is Kellyanne Conway, I have to admit a screenwriter could write a pretty interesting character using a lot of Conway’s dialogue methods that layer multiple intentions with carefully picked words.