An article I’ve seen floating around recently, and actually read into on Variety, details how Donald Glover is going to be playing Simba and James Earl Jones will take up the character of Mufasa, both in an upcoming live action remake of The Lion King. I believe both of these actors are excellent at their craft and full of talent (though I’m still a little miffed that Donald Glover never got his own Spider-man movie), so my first thought to this news was something akin to “Hell yeah!” (and let’s be honest it’s nice to see a live-action Disney movie whose main cast has some diversity). But then the realization set in that this was a live action version of The Lion King, and my follow-up thought was “how?” How do you make a live action version of a cartoon movie about animals without it being totally cheesy (of course allowing a given amount of cheese room since it’s a Disney movie)? So far, Disney has had debatable success with live-action remakes, so I understand the reasoning as to why they would want one of their best-selling movies to be next, but again, I just don’t understand how it’s going to work. Are they going to put everyone in animal suits and have they trot around on all fours? Or is it going to be a more liberal adaptation where there are no animals, just people in the likeness of the animals? Or rather, will it be something similar to the Broadway performance?