We all know the age-old shtick. If anyone mentions watching videos online, it has to be cat videos. However, for some people, it’s perhaps far more than that. This is especially the case for Ceyda Torun, the documentary filmmaker who, in a recent IndieWire article discussed her new cat-based documentary Kedi. Making films about or involving animals is never easy, but Torun implemented a four-step process to make working with these Istanbul street-based felines a little easier. The very first step, she says, it to love your subjects; something she had no problem with, going as so far to say that cats like these were her best friends between the ages of six and eleven. The second and more challenging step was to recognize their limits. Citing March of the Penguins as the ideal end result, they quickly realized that the cats were far less extraordinary in their day to day activities, forcing them to shift their focus. The third step was to see if there were any “famous cats”; ones that locals knew the best and were perhaps the friendliest. Torun states that her final step was the most challenging one; think like a cat. Knowing the best way to film these animals would be to get themselves in the mindset of a feline and it’s unpredictable nature, well aware that the process would not be a smooth one.