Politics has always been an integral part of society, and this day in time more so than ever (or so it seems). Recently, as reported by Indiewire, a story involving film and politics has “come out of the woodwork”. Steve Bannon, who serves as the White House Chief Strategist and assistant to President Trump, apparently unbeknownst to me, had somewhat of a film career starting in the 1990s and up through even a few years ago. Specifically though, the article focuses on a film treatment that Bannon did way back in 2007. The film he pitched is “one in which Muslims turn America into the ‘Islamic States of America'”. The Washington Post described the movie as “a three-part movie that would trace ‘the culture of intolerance’ behind sharia law, examine the ‘Fifth Column’ made up of ‘Islamic front groups’ and identify the American enablers paving ‘the road to this unique hell on earth.'” It’s something that I find kind of humorous, especially in today’s world where there’s a portion of Americans who have this irrational fear of Muslims, and perhaps share a fear similar to this that they will take over the U.S. However, despite that silliness, the thing I find the most ironic is that the man who felt the need to make a whole film treatment about this is also the man who now sits at the right hand of the leader of the free world, whom together have actively made clear their distaste of Muslims.