While listening to a recent episode of Scriptnotes, a podcast I have only recently become familiar with, I found a topic of their discussion to be very interesting. John and Craig play a “game” called “How Would This Be a Movie?” in which they look at stories throughout the news, among other sources, and try to figure out how they could stretch out the story into a full feature-length film. Some examples included a woman who was kidnapped at birth, then found eighteen years later and Sea Monkeys. In a weird way, hearing someone else do this was, for lack of a better word, liberating. It’s a similar technique that I employ when coming up with concepts for story ideas. Whether it’s at work, in class (obviously this is less common, but hey, I’m guilty of chronic daydreaming), or just relaxing at home; many times there’s a conversation, funny moment, or just something small that I notice that I ask myself “what if that was a story” or “what story could contain that conversation?”. It’s a process that I was never sure of how helpful or useful it actually was, but hearing actual industry professionals use a similar process is validating and reassuring in my attempt to screenwrite.