In a recent article by Indiewire, David Ehrlich discussed a, not often talked about, facet of the Sundance Film Festival: The hype. He goes on to talk about how, though potentially annoying, the hype generated by film festivals (Sundance more specifically) can be and is a good thing. As someone who was fortunate to go to Sundance two years ago, I completely agree that the hype and “high” that come with it can be incredibly intoxicating for each new never-before-seen film you get your hands on. But as someone who hasn’t been able to attend Sundance since, I can also understand how the hype can be off putting, or even allow some films to be improperly marketed once they reach the public at large. Ehrlich’s main argument, however, is that we need that “high”. That it’s important to keep our interest and desire for new and engaging film alive at the start of the new year when the studio systems may or may not do that the other eleven months. As a college student who has a fluctuating desire, at times,for the industry and art of film, I agree with Ehrlich’s that film festivals ( and even Sundance in particular) are vital and growing institutions.